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Our Projects

We have a wealth of project experience across multiple niches, which you can explore to see all that we have achieved. We invite you to peruse our portfolio of project successes in various industries. We are proud of the work we have done and look forward to continuing to serve different niches in the future. Our project-based experience is vast and varied, so please take a few moments to explore it. To view our latest work, portfolio and projects don’t hesitate to contact us we will be happy to share it with you. Thank you for considering us!



The company, its team and partners are there to project manage, source reputable tradespeople and compare quotes. Crown Quotes is known for offering a personalised tailored service from start to finish; mediating the whole process of the contractor search the company is able to find resolutions for any problems that may arise.
You won’t get that from any other directory of tradespeople!

2=1 UK

We are ordinary couples in countries around the world who have discovered the power of God’s marriage covenant. Now our goal is to take His message of the oneness and power of that covenant to the Church and to the world. The Coaching Couples of 2=1 have discovered the treasures of God’s plan for marriage and family and are eager to help others discover them as well. Through their open and honest sharing about their own journey, each Coaching Couple models God’s unfolding plan as He works in their lives.


Metamorph by Indorse is an online tool which gives Engineering Managers and Leadersclear visibility into their software engineering workflows. Metamorph will offer you: Standardize and customisable templates focused on your KPIs and OKRs. Actionable analytics aggregated from all the tools your engineers are already using (GitHub, Jira, Slack, Azure, Jenkins, etc.). Insightful dashboards for an end-to-end picture of your engineering workflow(s) to take data-backed actions.


Kinesis shares a vision of a world where money is honest, fair and backed by a true store of value, within a system designed to reward everyone who participates. Kinesis has introduced a new form of money to stand the test of time and overcome the pitfalls of traditional currencies susceptible to inflation, weakened value and eventual collapse. In today’s financial model, where more and more money is printed and the value of that currency is eroded, economies and individuals are left to suffer the consequences.


Create. Experience. Break the limitations of reality through the metaverse.Welcome to the Dream Land!RD Land is the next-generation of progressive arts and entertainment, radical self-expression, social interactions, and virtual relationships in web 3.0. We are an immersive and adult-safe events and entertainment platform in the metaverse facilitating the full sensory experiences in the XR age.


The team at BeInCrypto is comprised of some of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry’s best and brightest. Each team member adheres to a strict set of journalistic principles and ethics in order to provide readers with only the highest-quality content. We also all have a passion for injecting transparency and honesty into the cryptocurrency space. As such, we actively seek to identify disingenuous reporting, fishy ICOs, exit scams, and other non-transparent actions in a space meant to provide transparency.


On SWAY, anyone listening to music can broadcast their vibe to a world of music lovers. As you build followers, unlock additional features to make your broadcasts more dynamic. New users can be verified straight away if they’re verified on Twitter or Instagram or an artist or band on any streaming service.


The most authentic voice in the gender equality movement. Our members say we are the most authentic of all women’s organizations. Why? Because since 2007 we made a commitment to be a real voice for you. No figure heads, no sponsors with personal agendas, no barriers for entry. Our members suggest event topics, co-create activism and have a say on what we do next. For 15 years we have grown to an estimated 70,000 members in over 55 cities giving a voice to 1593 speakers worldwide.


We help fashion brands and retailers to reduce textile waste, sampling costs andconcept to production lead times by supporting the implementation of 3D design solutions. As an agency we foster a conscious, more collaborative approach to working with our clients, who are able to tap in to our diverse, multi – disciplinary team of digital innovators. Our mission is to not only maximise end use value, but also contribute to a more inclusive, ethical, sustainable fashion Industry that puts people first.


Empowering Valuable Creators A true 360º influencer marketing platform powered by proprietary AI to maximise your advertising and social commerce ROI by unleashing the power of motivated creators at scale.


Our mission is to help patients with bipolar disorder achieve and sustain remission using artificial intelligence and machine learning to support mood tracking and pattern recognition to discover underlying causes of mood changes. Our technology also provides effective forecasting and predictions relating to mood based on your historical data. Bipolar disorder is a condition that affects 4.2 million people in the United Kingdom alone, with 5% of the population affected globally. Our solution enables users to manage their mood symptoms, keep track of their progress and spend more time in a balanced and stable state of mind.


We create Artificial Intelligence driven software solutions for food enterprises that outperform legacy technologies and deliver experience like no other! We started Gaston with a sole purpose of building a FULLY inclusive dining experience for everyone. Yes, EVERYONE!


We’re super passionate about making amazing tasting food thatcustomers love. As operators ourselves, we also understand that food delivery needs to be simple, slick and profitable – our team of chefs do all the hard work so you don’t have to.


Creating a state of the art tutorials and help guides to one of the best learning resources on the market for child education.


Keeping Communities Connected Televeda helps organizations manage live-events that support healthy aging and measurably improve social connectedness.


Verified digital identities for every transaction. Nuggets is a multi-award-winning self-sovereign verified digital identity and payment platform. It enables trusted transactions through verified digital identities, a personal cloud vault and auditable nuggets of data. Resulting in massively reduced fraud, and safer customer data.


As women looking for answers about our fertility and hormone health, we found that information and access to care were convoluted, confusing and expensive. As we developed our careers, we found it shocking that there was so little information about the fact that our fertility declines as we age and that we were expected to ignore the biological clock. We’re on a mission to make information about female health accessible and affordable. We want to educate and encourage proactive health.


ProjectSet is an online platform for virtual work-based learning opportunities that help university students to develop workplace skills and become career-ready. These opportunities include virtual internships, hackathons and uni course projects.


We are the team behind an online interactive events platform that connects people in a more authentic way.


Our mission is to make quality video production available to everyone and champion short form authentic branded content.
This is the age of authenticity and, done right, video is the most authentic form of communication. Customers want to see who you are and what you have to say, they don’t want you to hide behind expensively produced video content with high production values. Let Netflix and Amazon provide the production value and instead you concentrate on getting your message out there as simply as possible.


Archdesk is an innovative workflow management solution, created for the construction and production industries. Developed by experienced industry experts, this system solves the real challenges your company faces by optimising the entire workflow, not only its separate processes.


HJAELP was built by digital natives and experienced entrepreneurs passionate about supporting independent pros and making it easier for everyone to get stuff done. We make sure that every customer has a great experience, and we’re always here to support you if you ever need it.



Playaz4Playaz.com is the brainchild of a global group of sports enthusiasts with daily work and expertise that spans Finance, Technology, Labour Relations and Marketing, along with first-hand knowledge of the layers and nuances of the financial and branding scenarios which athletes continue to confront. The team contributed in-kind time and effort to answer a series of what-ifs, resulting in a fintech model developed to help athletes with a roadmap to master their brand development and growth, by redefining their social media presence and all-important interactions with fans, followers and networks, providing multiple opportunities for athletes to monetize their brands.


Metareal is a corporation founded in August 2015 by Alexandre Jean Claude and Gareth Morgan to develop technology and services to meet the growing demand for enterprise strength, VR-ready, 3D content on the open web. Metareal solves this problem with a’ capture-to-publish’ content suite that empowers photographers & designers themselves to compose & publish beautiful, interactive 3D experiences no devs required.


At ContactOut, we pride ourselves on being the most accurate B2B data intelligence tool out there. Our platform is trusted by hundreds of thousands of sales, marketing, and recruitment professionals in over 76% of Fortune 500 companies like Google, Microsoft and Netflix.


Woman to Woman is a female led digital media platform designed to narrate the stories of women, creating safe spaces for conscious conversation, and sharing experiences to help empower women worldwide.
As a black woman that has had a rollercoaster of a journey with loving and finding myself, I have always had a heart for women who needed an outlet to share their experiences and a way to understand that they could get through their different circumstances one way or another. Starting with creating a space for young women to share experiences and find similarities in their journeys as well as the journeys of women that came before them.


AMBCrypto strives to provide accurate, timely, and unbiased data for crypto assets. Our custom engineered Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning algorithms helps us to provide you with the most scientific price predictions for each coin. You value your time and so do we. With our excellent server management process we make sure you get these predictions with almost 0 lag time. Crypto is growing, so is our number crunching capabilities. Each day multiple new coins are being listed.


A dynamic, high quality, A3 calendar featuring 12 of our prestigious Angels helping to guide you through the year with style and grace.
Every calendar purchase will automatically enter you into a raffle to win one of three amazing rewards.100% of the profits will be donated to a charity chosen by the participating models.
It’s a Movement.